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BẠN CẦN TÌM: covenant

  • Exodus 40:20 (eng-GNTD)

    20Then he took the two stone tablets and put them in the Covenant Box. He put the poles in the rings of the Box and put the lid on it.

  • Exodus 40:21 (eng-GNTD)

    21Then he put the Box in the Tent and hung up the curtain. In this way he screened off the Covenant Box, just as the Lord had commanded.

  • Joshua 3:4 (eng-GNTD)

    4You have never been here before, so they will show you the way to go. But do not get near the Covenant Box; stay about half a mile behind it.”

  • Joshua 3:6 (eng-GNTD)

    6Then he told the priests to take the Covenant Box and go with it ahead of the people. They did as he said.

  • Joshua 3:13 (eng-GNTD)

    13When the priests who carry the Covenant Box of the Lord of all the earth put their feet in the water, the Jordan will stop flowing, and the water coming downstream will pile up in one place.”

  • Joshua 3:17 (eng-GNTD)

    17While the people walked across on dry ground, the priests carrying the Lord's Covenant Box stood on dry ground in the middle of the Jordan until all the people had crossed over.

  • Joshua 4:5 (eng-GNTD)

    5and he told them, “Go into the Jordan ahead of the Covenant Box of the Lord your God. Each one of you take a stone on your shoulder, one for each of the tribes of Israel.

  • Joshua 4:7 (eng-GNTD)

    7you will tell them that the water of the Jordan stopped flowing when the Lord's Covenant Box crossed the river. These stones will always remind the people of Israel of what happened here.”

  • Joshua 6:4 (eng-GNTD)

    4Seven priests, each carrying a trumpet, are to go in front of the Covenant Box. On the seventh day you and your soldiers are to march around the city seven times while the priests blow the trumpets.

  • Joshua 6:8-9 (eng-GNTD)

    8-9So, just as Joshua had ordered, an advance guard started out ahead of the priests who were blowing trumpets; behind these came the priests who were carrying the Covenant Box, followed by a rear guard. All this time the trumpets were sounding.

  • Joshua 6:11 (eng-GNTD)

    11So he had this group of men take the Lord's Covenant Box around the city one time. Then they came back to camp and spent the night there.

  • Joshua 7:6 (eng-GNTD)

    6Joshua and the leaders of Israel tore their clothes in grief, threw themselves to the ground before the Lord's Covenant Box, and lay there till evening, with dust on their heads to show their sorrow.

  • Joshua 7:15 (eng-GNTD)

    15The one who is then picked out and found with the condemned goods will be burned, along with his family and everything he owns, for he has brought terrible shame on Israel and has broken my covenant.”

  • Leviticus 16:13 (eng-GNTD)

    13There in the Lord's presence he shall put the incense on the fire, and the smoke of the incense will hide the lid of the Covenant Box so that he will not see it and die.

  • Leviticus 16:14 (eng-GNTD)

    14He shall take some of the bull's blood and with his finger sprinkle it on the front of the lid and then sprinkle some of it seven times in front of the Covenant Box.