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BẠN CẦN TÌM: covenant

  • 1 Samuel 3:3 (eng-GNTD)

    3Samuel was sleeping in the sanctuary, where the sacred Covenant Box was. Before dawn, while the lamp was still burning,

  • 1 Samuel 4:1 (eng-GNTD)

    The Capture of the Covenant Box 1At that time the Philistines gathered to go to war against Israel, so the Israelites set out to fight them. The Israelites set up their camp at Ebenezer and the Philistines at Aphek.

  • 1 Samuel 4:3 (eng-GNTD)

    3When the survivors came back to camp, the leaders of Israel said, “Why did the Lord let the Philistines defeat us today? Let's go and bring the Lord's Covenant Box from Shiloh, so that he will go with us and save us from our enemies.”

  • 1 Samuel 4:4 (eng-GNTD)

    4 So they sent messengers to Shiloh and got the Covenant Box of the Lord Almighty, who is enthroned above the winged creatures. And Eli's two sons, Hophni and Phinehas, came along with the Covenant Box.

  • 1 Samuel 4:5 (eng-GNTD)

    5When the Covenant Box arrived, the Israelites gave such a loud shout of joy that the earth shook.

  • 1 Samuel 4:6 (eng-GNTD)

    6The Philistines heard the shouting and said, “Listen to all that shouting in the Hebrew camp! What does it mean?” When they found out that the Lord's Covenant Box had arrived in the Hebrew camp,

  • 1 Samuel 4:11 (eng-GNTD)

    11God's Covenant Box was captured, and Eli's sons, Hophni and Phinehas, were both killed.

  • 1 Samuel 4:13 (eng-GNTD)

    13Eli, who was very worried about the Covenant Box, was sitting in his seat beside the road, staring. The man spread the news throughout the town, and everyone cried out in fear.

  • 1 Samuel 4:17 (eng-GNTD)

    17The messenger answered, “Israel ran away from the Philistines; it was a terrible defeat for us! Besides that, your sons Hophni and Phinehas were killed, and God's Covenant Box was captured!”

  • Judges 2:2 (eng-GNTD)

    2 You must not make any covenant with the people who live in this land. You must tear down their altars.’ But you have not done what I told you. You have done just the opposite!

  • Judges 2:20 (eng-GNTD)

    20Then the Lord would become furious with Israel and say, “This nation has broken the covenant that I commanded their ancestors to keep. Because they have not obeyed me,

  • Judges 8:33 (eng-GNTD)

    33After Gideon's death the people of Israel were unfaithful to God again and worshiped the Baals. They made Baal-of-the-Covenant their god,

  • Judges 9:4 (eng-GNTD)

    4They gave him seventy pieces of silver from the temple of Baal-of-the-Covenant, and with this money he hired a bunch of worthless scoundrels to join him.

  • Judges 9:46 (eng-GNTD)

    46When all the leading men in the fort at Shechem heard about this, they sought safety in the stronghold of the temple of Baal-of-the-Covenant.

  • Judges 20:27-28 (eng-GNTD)

    27-28God's Covenant Box was there at Bethel in those days, and Phinehas, the son of Eleazar and grandson of Aaron, was in charge of it. The people asked the Lord, “Should we go out to fight our brothers the Benjaminites again, or should we give up?” The Lord answered, “Fight. Tomorrow I will give you victory over them.”